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    • ”get by in” 的意思和用法

      ...粉紅洋裝去那晚會還可以吧?/還過的去嗎? The company just got by with the help of the government during this financial meltdown. - 靠政府的協助這家公司才能勉強應付這...

    • 請問片語by the seat of your pants

      ... own experience and ability, without help from anyone else. We found our way by the seat of our pants, but if...2007-10-15 12:38:27 補充: fly by the seat of your pants 在劍橋...

    • OF扮演的角色,好難懂?

      The children's 是所有格的表達方式,通常是指擁有者有形的物品,通常會用of去另外表現所有者其他比較意念,意識,或無形的東西, help是表達一種意念,因為在這句當中,是經由其他孩子的幫助去協助學習者更正錯誤...