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  1. by the skin of one's teeth

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    • 1. 好不容易;僥倖 He escaped by the skin of his teeth. 他差點沒逃成。
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    • 請幫手譯一譯英文短句

      By the skin of one's teeth means: very dangerous or difficult situation Rick ...補充: He bit his own tongue hard and used the pain the gesture produced to ground himself...

    • 英文~~ 片語 很急   拜託~~

      ...hellip;, 差點就沒…, 勉強 例: We woke up late and caught the plane by the skin of our teeth. 我們起床遲了, 差點沒趕上班機。 至於 "寧缺勿濫" 要看語句情境來說會較貼切: 如 《朗文當代...

    • 請英文高手來幫忙解一下一篇英文對話(續)~~

      ...’ll( take a nap ) . Q: The Harris boy is certainly having ... took the words right out of my mouth, didn’t he? A: That...