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    • 1. 到那時 I shall come back ten years from now; you will be a big boy by then. 十年後我將回來, 到那時你將是個大孩子了。 I think I should have finished it by then. 我想到那時我應該完成了。



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    • 事物當主詞時,為何不用被動態?

      ...那時候比賽早就已經開始了 另外,樓上這位大大誤解成被動態的原因八成是因為by then的關係 by then在這邊指的是時間上 [在那之前] 而不是被動語態裡的 by someone...

    • 事物當主詞時,為何不用被動態?

      注意 Because the game will have started by then. 以上這句是主動 是未來完成式ㄉ主動 也就是說在某... the game will have been started by the umpire by the time you get to the field. 所以要注意...

    • 有網球知識豐富英文程度不錯能幫英翻中嗎.

      Tennis - called by then "tennis-in-lawn" because it was played on grass ...運動 In Brazil, tennis was introduced by foreigners at "Rio Cricket", in ...