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    • ”means” 跟 ”way” 用法有何不同?

      雖然way和 means都有方法的意思但用法上各有各的習慣片語不可混用- by all means : most assuredly (用盡所有方法) 一定地, 確實地- by means of : through the use of 利用- by no means : in...

    • 請問via 和 by用法差在那裡???

      via  ---  1 : by way of2 : through the medium or agency of; also : by means of 1. 經由;取道He ...2. 經由;沿Ellen flew to Chicago by way of Minneapolis.艾倫經由明尼阿波利斯飛往芝加哥。

    • using?by using?

      ...分詞片語修飾software control. by + 動名詞片語 = by means of + 動名詞片語 (或by way of; by virtue of) 當副詞片語用, 修飾be changed. 因此, 加不加by都可以...