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    • 「offset」在這個比較式的句型中該怎麼翻才適合?

      ... in homes where a lack of perfect tidiness was more than offset by a sense of familial love and warmth. 這個句子的邏輯正確。 形容詞子句where A was...

    • 專家 高手再近來 英文片語

      ...contrasting形成鮮明對比的, 截然不同的by contrast相比之下By contrast, he was much more frank. 相比之下, 他坦率... about two different facts or two opposite ways of thinking about a situation On the one...

    • 請給我以下英文片語的例句!

      ...they have many differences by contrast. 雖然他們是雙胞胎,相對之下他們...錢,我們還是小心點. 11. on ccount of 因為 This car accident ...來我必須等下一班車. 15. in this way 如此一來 Tom studys...