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    • 請求英文達人幫翻譯,感激不盡

      ...補充: but the first approval homogeneity marriage country for Holland (2001.01.01), other all continent has a part of area or the country acknowledges comrade the marriage, but the Asian country is an exception.

    • 急!!請幫我翻譯這一段汽車英文

      ... for the rear suspension with the exception of toe are set in production. 和... the toe-in exactly the same way as described in the ...mid position of the total movement available by the elongated bolt holes...

    • 請文法高手幫我找出文法錯誤(10點)

      ...nothing 'to' share but the memory~ The Photos of My joinery in Bali To conclude, life ...always look the bright sides, to treasure the 'people near by and try to have communications as hard as i can'...