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    by way of precaution

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    • 中翻譯 必須通順 流暢喔

      ... are some of the precautions: 1. Adjust the energy and electricity...structure. 2. Improve the development of alternate energy source, such as geothermal..., use less plastic bags by recycling them, avoid...

    • 請各位英文達人幫忙看一下我的翻譯是否有誤(英翻中)

      3)4)中, precaution 翻成措施不太好, 翻成「注意所有的警示(提醒)和規定 比較好。 release to production翻成「在正式量產前 較好 你其他的都翻得很好喔

    • 英文文法問題(being pp)

      ...speech is one of the basic right of human being, so even though it might not be a good way to express, at least we understand what... is done by YOU, so is the precaution taken by YOU. ...