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    • 想問:他走路去吃晚餐,如何用較好

      He has dinner by walk. He walks to restaurant for dinner.. 2006-11-06 22:20:56 補充: by 加V ing He has dinner by walking.

    • 英文問題~~~>”

      您好: 當然不是用 by walk 喔 , 是用 on foot 這是一個片語 , 也不能跟你解釋為什麼 ^0...例句 : 1. I went to the hospital on foot , not by bus . (我是走路去醫院的.不是搭巴士去的) 2. ...

    • walking by是什麼意思?

      Since peaple in my neighborhood knew each other well,they would smile and wave to others walking by. 因為社區裡的人都互相認識 只要有人經過他們都會微笑打招呼 walking by 走過 There's a typo. people ( rather than peaple)