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  1. cabbage rose


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    • 檢討英文作文

      ...tasty vegetable is indispensable in my garden. There are many cabbages and cauliflowers in front of the rose. I can smell attractive fragrance form the rose. The sunflower ...

    • 請高手幫我中翻英(不要用翻譯機翻)謝謝

      ... beef and pork. Tomato, cucumber, carrot, and cabbage are the most common vegetable in Finland, and the... 51 days in winter that the sun doesn’t rise. On December, the time of sun rising...

    • 請給我一份國外車廂餐廳的菜單

      ...4x6"€49Single Stem RoseA beautiful long stemmed rose, wrapped in celophane and tied with a ribbon.€17CorsageA beautiful...