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  1. calculate upon

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    • 1. 指望 We calculate upon their cooperation. 我們指望著他們的合作。
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    • 英翻中-健身房回覆確認信(10點)

      健身房回覆確認信 A pro-rated fee will be calculated based upon your regular scheduled dues amount and will be charged...

    • 能幫我翻譯一段英文 跟中文嘛 謝謝

      calculated world the people all look down upon me , I all do notcare about , I only do care about you,you knew 中文意思是 計算著世上所有輕視我的人 我毫不在乎 而你知道,我最關心的人只有你!!

    • 物理題目電力與電場

      ...of these two forces. To calculate the force at one corner, first calculate the force acts upon q1 by q2: F1= (9x10^9) * [ (3.0µ)(3.0µ) / 0.4^2 ] = 0.51...