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  1. call at

    • ph.
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    • ph.
    • 1. 訪問某地

      I shall call at his house tomorrow. 明天我要到他家裡訪問。

    • 2. 到...作短暫訪問

      They called at my house yesterday. 昨天他們到我家。

    • 3. 停靠

      This train calls at the chief stations only. 這班列車只停靠大站。



  2. 知識+

    • 英文~at的用法?

      ... calls, so lwon't be bothered by those annoying calls at work. 我的秘書很會過濾電話 所以我不會被煩人的來電打擾到。 at 叫"...

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      Close call at railroad cossing I could still remember that day seven years ago. It...visit to her doctor. There was plenty of traffic along the way. At the railroad crossing near Tainan Sheng Kung ...

    • Call的用法?

      ...39;call'用在打電話的幾個用法如下 (sb.=某人 / No.=電號號碼)﹔ sb. at No. (打電話號碼找某人) No. for sb. (同上) sb. at...