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    call for bids on

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    • 請問以下如何釋譯?!(資訊類英文)

      ... based on how you manage your listings. For example, you might want to...check every day into a category called "Check ... for frequent bid changes, bidding...

    • DPP calls for KMT cooperation

      1 應該解釋為 無分檔派的政治活動秀, ie 在一個很稀有的無分黨派政治活動秀中, dpp 邀請了kmt ..... 2 本國的入聯公投ㄅ ? 3 舉行雙面對話並要求KMT 正面來回應此議題

    • offer當做工作機會?

      ...quote from buyer is typically called a bid. So, typical business Buyer bids for a stock and seller offers...3. Buts and ifs: On business cases where who...