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  1. call off the dogs

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    • 英文問題(英檢中級)

      ...The boy was attacked by a stray dog. Send the contract by airmail. They travelled around... away. It's time for the test.收起來 call off: The game was called off because...

    • CNN student news

      ...she keeps her owner on a leash. How do you eclipse that, the dog's got the golden ticket. They don't have to call her on or off, and she is one well behaved pawssenger ya'll (He meant...

    • 麻煩各位大大...英文改錯[20]

      ..., [(A)Melba’s] dog ,runs away [(B) when...)lets him off] the lash. 7. By [(A)the... (man當主詞它的動詞是called而不是is sitting...