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    call sb for short

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    • call on 以及call for 的差異

      ... called on / appealled to / asked for us to help her villagers. 她請求我們去幫助她的村民. 2. call on sb.- you pay him a short visit. e.g. He intended to call on...

    • 英文造句好多個 都不太會 幫幫忙~

      ...also respected. 他不只有錢 也受得尊重 2008-04-13 05:21:34 補充: 1 for short, call me mike instead of Michael. 簡稱我從michael 叫 mike 就好 2 don'...

    • 三種類的英文片語

      ...up and down; back and forth; here and there; in and out; once and for all; here and now; on and off; inside and out; then and there; loud...上述的其它類 (經常連用) Oldest and largest; short and fat; jacket and shirt, development and refinement; 2011-12-04 13...