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  1. call someone names

    • ph.
      insult someone verbally
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    • ph.
      insult someone verbally

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • 謾罵謀人 {英文}

      Call someone names (this is your answer) Call someone's name (means to say their name; you want their attention)

    • 請問以下八個英文慣用語的意思

      ...積極地談論、迅速地談論;【nineteen to the dozen】是 very rapidly or energetically. 8、called someone names:侮辱、辱駡、毀謗某人;to call someone by an abusive or insulting name.

    • 翻譯成中文的成語

      ...類似 (6)in name only表面上的或掛名而以並非實際參與者類似中文成語有名無實 (7)call someone names這不是呼喊某人名字而是只要罵人的意思與中文無理的成語直呼名諱類似 2009-01...