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    call sth to mind

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    • 請問”回味”的英文怎麼寫阿?

      回味 hui wei ㄏㄨㄟˊ ㄨㄟˋ an aftertaste to recollect the pleasant flavor of to call sth. to mind and ponder over it; to chew the cud (of sth.) aftertaste 回味;餘韻

    • 英文單選 文法

      ...scene came to my mind a similar occasion. 句子怪怪... done sth wrong, he does not dare to look at his father... 的吧... = She called a doctor, because her child...

    • 請教英文三種回想~回憶的差異之處? do sth/that ...) or sb of sth/sb 提醒(某人)(做某事等...連用) please remind me to answer that letter . He...記起,憶起(bring back to the mind和recollect一樣 i don't recall...他的臉/見過他 recollect (call back to the mind;succeed in...