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    • break a leg 的真正意思是啥?

      ...performance would be so successful that the performer would be called forth to take a bow — to bend his knee. 意: 在演出... money on the stage; to pick the coins up, actors had to break their...

    • EarthquakeWhen They Hit (10點)

      ...副詞並不是形容詞) 2.rock(v)=使震驚;搖動;使搖晃 3.rock(n)=岩石 4.back and forth (ph)=前後來回 5.destroy(v)=毀壞;破壞 6.destruction(n)=破壞;消滅;毀壞的原因 7...

    • 急!!誰是英文強者?請告知我這一大堆英文片語的意思,謝謝

      ...逃竄in exchange for作為..的交換back and forth前後來回break even沒有虧盈by and large基本上to and fro來回;往返bring it up養育speak it up公開發表意見take it out...不能保證實現的諾言in excess of超過on call值班;待命中(與stand by意思相同)head to...