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  1. called

    • KK[kɔld]
    • DJ[kɔ:ld]


    • adj.
  2. 知識+

    • Call的用法?

      Call 的用法,Call my mom ____ 2731-3001.  ---- 完整的來說,'call'用在打電話的幾個用法如下 (sb.=某人 / No.=電號號碼)﹔ sb. at No. (打電話號碼找某人) No. for sb. (同上)

    • call on 以及call for 的差異

      call on / upon: 1. call on sb. to do sth.- you say in public that you want them to do...來拯救瀕臨絕種的野生動物. <c.f> She called on / appealled to / asked for us to help her...

    • called / was studying

      因為call是發生在at nine o'clock這個時間點上(發生的時間點重要),所以只能用過去簡單式的called,不能用表示一段過程的過去進行式was calling(過程重要)。過去...