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    • 平靜的,無風的,鎮定的,平靜的時候 (比較級)
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    • calm ponder和calm down的差別

      ...correct the mistake in your question: you cannot use "calm ponder", because "ponder" can only be used as verb..., you CANNOT interchange " calmly ponder" with "calm down" or vice versa.

    • keep calm

      1. 答案:(A) calm 也可以做形容詞。這裡的 keep 當連綴動詞使用,所以 calm 在這裡是當形容詞...

    • Keep calm and Chive On的意思

      ...這是個地下社群網站算是一種族群。 calm and Chive On 這個標語應是套自Keep Calm and ...