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  1. calve

    • IPA[kɑːv]



    • vi.
      產犢; 產崽
    • 過去式:calved 過去分詞:calved 現在分詞:calving

  2. 知識+

    • 英文高手來解答

      ...放下; turned down拒絕; took down拿下; look down鄙視 8.After calving, a cow gives milk for about 300 days and during this time she will give...

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      ...8&p=%E5%B0%8F%E7%89%9B calf1 小牛[C] calve 生(小牛等);產(犢) dogie 迷失或無母的小牛 kyloe 長角小牛 maverick 未烙印的...

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      妳好, 作些小修正或建議: 1. Directions of cattle feed additive --- <Directions or Usage> 2. With the dosage of the feed additive 0.1-0.15mg/kg body weight/ per day to make the required feed additive mixed in daily diet (ex. Concentrate...