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    • camping及make the deadline的問題

      ...所具有的特質或現象-equipment 本身可不會自己露營的。 camping 要翻成"露營用的(裝備)",而不是"露營(狀態)中的"。 2. make the deadline 跟 meet the deadline 兩種說法都可以(make the deadline 的例子可以...

    • 請英文高手們麻煩解惑了

      ... 5 People say you need a college __ to get a good job. 1. camp 2. meeting 3. education 4. tour Question 6 You can take part in a lot of __ at...

    • Bonnie←英文名子的由來!

      ...early and mid-1900s. Bonnie Interdenominational Holiness Camp still meets for approximately 10 days per summer at the campground. It has ...