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  1. camp on

    • vi.
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    • 1. 呼叫等待

      to camp on to sth. 等待接通某電話

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    • 誰可幫我中翻英 急用 (拜託管理者不要亂刪)

      ... I was since it was my first time to go camping! On the bus, the military instructor tried to explain matters for attention, however...

    • 幫我翻譯這句 10點

      ...或 Both Jenny and Julia went to Summer Camp in June. "on" 是用在月份後面有日期, 也就是用在述說一個特定的日子, 例如: ---> on...

    • 找尋英文文法錯誤(急用)

      ... in our life, like graduate travel, camp(camping) on the mountain, visiting museums… etc...what I can do and what I can't do on the plane.(這時用the 就對啦!) When we ...