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    • 能夠,可以,可能,會罐頭,裝罐
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    • can has no infinitive ?

      [1. 雖然了解 can 只能用在過去式 (could) 和 現在式 (can...問題嗎 ?] 這個說法有問題,不完全正確。 can 在兩種情形下,可以用在未來式。一種...例句不太了解.. Compare: Tom can come tomorrow, but Tom might be able...

    • can這個助動詞

      You can do some asking and answering activities. For example..., everyone, we have known the vacabulary " can". Everyone can do something. I can swim(with action) and I can jog (with action). Now...

    • can\'t be

      ...例句 He must have been home already. 它一定以經回家了 b)是 can't be 意思是 不可能 你剛才吃過. 你不能能在餓 這就對了...