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  1. cancelation

    • KK[͵kænsəˋleʃən]
    • DJ[͵kænsəˋleiʃən]


    • = cancellation
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    • 這句英文看不懂,請大大翻一下,感謝

      1. The cancellation of her flight caused her problems for the rest of the...句: 她(預訂)的航班因故取銷,導致她當週其餘的日子發生困難 2. The cancellation clause appears at the back of the contract. clause條款 appear出現,顯示 ,上...

    • 麻煩幫我翻譯這封英文信

      ...我順便幫您做個修改吧,如下: We acknowledge receiving your cancellation request without applying the penalty fee due to below-mentioned reason, so...

    • 保險單的英文

      We hereby confirm the cancellation to your insurance number to 22.09.2009. => This is...保險, 保險效期到2009年9月22日失效 Or We hereby confirm the cancellation to your insurance, policy number 22.09.2009. 我們特此確認取消你的...