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  1. cancers

    • cancer的名詞複數
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    • 英文新聞翻譯拜託Voices of Lung Cancer

      Lung cancer is the biggest cancer killer...disease remains low on the list of cancer funding priorities. ... of the problem is that lung cancer is often so deadly, patients...

    • 癌症為何叫做 Cancer 呢 ?

      Cancer此字說起來可遠囉! 往回追源頭--- 中古英文和古英文→拉丁文, a crab,malignant tumor惡性腫瘤和藉由dissimilation...癌症是惡性腫瘤,早在拉丁文就有了,當時的醫生摸到了腫瘤,第一個印象就是硬的異物,就取名為Cancer,螃蟹也因為他堅固的外殼而得名,整個印歐語系都是一樣用堅固來形容螃蟹。 如此回答了一個問題。 巨蟹座...

    • carcinoma & cancer 差別和用法

      Canceris a general term for malignant and invasive growth or tumor;whereas carcinoma is an invasive...tissue thattends to metastasize to other areas of the body. 基本上,cancer是所有癌症的統稱。而 carcinoma 則是cancer 的一種,正式名稱為 惡性上皮細胞...