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  1. canvass

    • IPA[ˈkanvəs]


    • v.
      solicit votes from (electors or members);try to obtain (support)
    • n.
      an act of canvassing
    • verb: canvass, 3rd person present: canvasses, gerund or present participle: canvassing, past tense: canvassed, past participle: canvassed

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    • 1. an act of canvassing a house-to-house canvass
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    • IPA[ˈkanvəs]


    • v.
      solicit votes from (electors in a constituency): in each ward, two workers canvassed some 2,000 voters she canvassed for votes
    • n.
      an act or process of attempting to secure votes or ascertain opinions: a house-to-house canvass

    Oxford American Dictionary