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  1. cap in hand

    • ph.
      humbly asking for a favour
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    • ph.
      humbly asking for a favour

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • 請問這2個英文慣用語是什麼意思?

      1. turn turtle:指船在航行中翻覆 2. cap in hand :應該為go cap in hand to sb 表示謙卑的要恭敬的討(尤指錢) There is no way he will go cap in hand to his brother.他決不會向兄弟屈膝要錢

    • 介係詞片語(with / in)

      樓主的發問重點不在於hat/cap如何與動詞搭配,而是單純問介系詞片語的精確意思。 例如: The man in a black hat is Jason's father...如果你要強調拿在手上, 可以說with a hat in hand

    • 基礎英文(答案是否有誤)

      ..., I went up to each one of them like a beggar with a cap in my hand.I stretched out my hands, begging them...