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    • 有關財金新聞的大意

      ...Trust - to scoop up bargains. Vornado, say Barclays Capital analyst Ross Smotrich, is one of the few real estate investment trusts (REITs) that can grow in the next year or two, through both its ...

    • HELP~英文影片翻譯

      ..., you're always the man of wisdom, I wish we could follow that on capital hill and actually, wh

    • 請問房地產相關英文

      ...old area 舊區改造 purchasing power 購買力 property trust 物業信托 equity 權益 cash flows 現金流量 appreciation...overproduction 生產過剩 glut 供過于求 high-technology 高科技 investment strategy投資策略 circulation 發行量 entrepreneur 倡導者,企業家...