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    • so much as

      ...而已, 情緒成分應該不高: If someone so much as touches your car, an alarm will ring. 只要有人(敢)碰一下您的車子, 警報器就會響.

    • 想請問車子”避震器”的英文

      ... with this feature, you just need to hold down on this button, and the car alarm will sound. Yes, some remote controls have this button on them...

    • 請幫我英翻中一下,謝謝!

      ...音念: 妮娜.卡嘉度莉恩)表示她製作"自然音汽車警報器"(Natural Car Alarms)的整個重點在於讓人們思考,當我們使用"自然"這字眼時,到底意指為何...