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  1. carbon copy


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    • 請問:E-メールの欄位用語.宛先.CC...各指什麼?

      宛先:收件人的信箱網址 CC(carbon copy):寄件副本 BCC(blind carbon copy...を使います。 ちなみに、CC(carbon copy)は(カーボン紙の複写から)複製メールとい...

    • 忘記cc你的英文

      cc= carbon copy屬於名詞 省略主詞I forget (1.forget + ving 2. forget to V) 過去式 forgot a carbon copy 副本 省略(I) forgot to send a carbon copy to you. 希望有幫到你

    • 求翻譯 我被cc了

      ...這封信是我被同事cc的 I have got only one mail, but it's a carbon copy for reference. The mail was sent as a copy to me by a...