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  1. carbon neutral

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    • Carbon Neutral 急 英翻中 贈20點

      讓旅客買碳抵銷的兩者今年捲出了新的計畫的 Expedia 和 Travelocity。 (Expedia 和 Travelocity 今年兩者都捲出了新的計畫哪一讓旅客買碳抵銷。) 經過 Expedia 和它的合夥人 TerraPass 買抵銷的旅客,一網路的為-在...

    • 請幫我翻譯一下這段英文

      ... like the Rolling Stones are releasing carbon neutral CDs. And, some people are even offestting their ...

    • 關代放動詞後面??

      New geothermal projects are already said to be in the planning stages to ensure that the country doesn't have to rely on fossil fuels in the future. 這裡的 that 並不是關係代名詞, 只是一個連接詞帶出後面的子句. 這樣的用法很常見: He...