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    • 有關英文翻譯cared about you saying

      cared about you saying that did not export. care about your saying that...動名詞受語前面用所有格。 這句話的意思是什麼? 譯成:注意你所說的不外銷。 care about = 關心、擔心、介意、在乎。 供你參考!

    • care about事什麼意思勒??

      care about就是關心或在乎某人或事、物,例如: You don't care about me at all. = 你根本一點都不在乎我(或關心我皆可,意思差不多)。 希望對你有幫助。^_^

    • will u care about money before

      ...heaven, I can do nothing without money when I still live. So I care about money certainly. But if my friends have problems that...