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  1. care for

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    • ph.
    • 1. 喜歡

      Would you care for a drink? 你想來點喝的嗎?

      I don't care for motion pictures. 我不愛好電影。

    • 2. 照料

      Who will care for the house while the family is away? 全家人都不在時, 由誰照料這間房子呢?

      The children are well cared for. 這些孩子們被人照管得很好。

    • 3. 計較

      He doesn't care for what he eats. 他對吃的東西並不計較。





  2. 知識+

    • 請問''take care''....(for the on

      ...side .    當我生病時,我媽總是在我身旁照顧我 for the one that I most care 正確的應該是→ for the one who I care the most.              意思是說 給我最...

    • eazy跟be care for都是小心的意思呀?

      ...翻成 別緊張,當有人情緒很不穩定,你就可以直接叫他放輕鬆點,或是別緊張~ be care for 是告知人小心的意思,看西洋片常常可見的,像某人要去送死,同 拌都會跟他...

    • Would you care for coffee?

        Would you care for coffee?   =Would you like coffee? 裡頭的 care for有喜歡的意味,而want稍微比較強烈。 但基本上,都是詢問他人是否要喝杯咖啡的問句。