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    care nothing for

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    • excepting that

      she cared for nothing but her pretty red flowers, like the sun, excepting a beautiful...

    • 英文造句!! 急><

      ...for a drink? 你想來點喝的嗎? He doesn't care for what he eats. 他對吃的東西並不計較 ...spare多餘的,剩下的;空閒的 He has nothing to do in his spare time. 他空閒時間無事可做...

    • 假如失去了妳 沒有了妳 那還有什麼可以讓我去珍惜的 中翻英

      您好 很高興為您解答: Without being with you, there is nothing worthy for me to care of. 以上是最英文式的寫法, 也是外國人常說的, 如果要幫大大直接翻譯字面...