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    • 軍事問題...中英文縮寫的

      ...Aircraft - 原型機 T - Trainer Aircraft - 教練機 C - Cargo Aircraft - 貨機 H - Search and Rescue Aircraft - 搜救機

    • 航空專有名詞英翻中

      ...airside transfer bus 機坪轉運巴士 waste disposal truck 拉圾車 catering truck 餐車 cargo loader 行李輸送車 aircraft tug 飛機牽引車 2 jet engines at tail high wing plane 置在機尾之雙噴射...

    • 急*請教英文高手,用英文寫ICAO和IATA組織的歷史和內容

      International civil aviation transport aircraft, passengers and cargo, air traffic rights, airports, law...development of (2) to encourage peaceful uses of aircraft for the design and operation of technology 2009-08-02...