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  1. cargo boat


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    • ”商業用”中翻英...麻煩各位大大多幫忙~感激不盡

      ... is USD $ 1700 per 40-feet cargo. There are 5 customs clearance date in... to arrival Dubai after loaded on boat. Will the Taiwan supplier pay for shipping...

    • weight用法

      ...height and weight on the form. My weight is 150 pounds. The boat is sunk by the weight of the cargo. I stay in good shape by lifting weights. I use pie...

    • 我需要一篇長篇的英文 (急) +20

      ... not exist? The answer was to unload cargo directly over the beach. But how? The create the perfect solution: a vehicle that was half boat and half truck that could run on land and water. Code...