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  1. cargo ship

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    • 有關於海上交通工具的英文文章

      ... ocean liner is a passenger ship or passenger-cargo ship which tranports people and often freight from..., liners also carried mail and cargo. Ships contracted to carry British ...

    • 物流業專有名詞

      ...礦砂,石 三用輪船 6:Container ships 貨櫃船 7:General cargo ships Of which 一般貨運船 8:Single-deck ships 單層甲板船 9...

    • vessel與ship

      ... four battleships. 台灣有四隻戰艦. A surface vessel can be a cargo ship, an aircraft carrier, or destroyers. 水上船隻可以指貨船, 航空母艦或戰艦...