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    • 害骨潰瘍的,骨潰瘍的,腐爛的
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    • 急 英文期刊文章? 可幫我翻譯嗎?

      ... activity of ginger and honey on isolates of extracted carious teeth during orthodontic treatment. 薑和蜂蜜對齒列矯正治療期間拔出的齲齒...

    • 改一下英文文法

      ..., and pressure groups, which influnece and limit the activities of carious organizations and individuals in society. 參考看看吧

    • 英文`文章~幫我翻譯`~拜託

      2. Materials and methods材料及方法 2.1. Isolation and identification of isolates隔離及其定義 從印度Ahmedaba「市立牙醫診所」以無菌方式收集到的250顆被拔下的蛀牙,每一顆分別置入含有10毫升無菌蛋白水的萬用廣口瓶,並加以蓋緊。樣本裝入...