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  1. carriage clock


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    • 拜託急需~幫我翻成英文 謝謝

      ..., this is very important. When the clock strikes twelve, the spells will be is getting late. Hurry up on the carriage! Have fun! <yells as the carriage...

    • 求高手幫忙中翻英片段文章和句子....急!!! happy dancing with each other, and suddenly, the clock in the palace strucks. Cinderalla ...she quickly ran towards her Pumpkin Carriage. Along the way, she dropped one of ...

    • 誰能教我介係詞的用法(英文)

      ...noon 在中午 at night 在夜間 at midnight 在午夜 以上短語都不用冠詞 at six o'clock 在6點鍾 at 7:30 (seven thirty) 在7點半 at half past eleven 在11點半 at nine...