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    carrot top
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    • 英文厘語&慣用語的中文解釋 7. get away with 脫逃 ;免責於 (意指沒被抓到) 10. a carrot and a stick 軟硬兼施 an idiomthat refers to a policy...

    • 我想找一個英文故事

      ...then he had an idea to dig a hole and cover the top of the hole with leaves and twigs and wait... not leave because he needed some carrots to make soup. Then the rabbit had another idea...

    • 如何翻譯英/日文介紹港式煲飯

      ...of finger toe 3. 放入胡蘿菠 / 金針菇 3. added to carrots / monkey marchroom 4. 加半匙油(任選芝麻油) 4. added...of oil (any sesamin oil) 5. 蓋電鍋蓋後開啟電源 5. cover top of electric pot befor turn it on 6. 煮完後開啟鍋蓋 6...