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  1. carry a torch for

    • ph.
      suffer from unrequited love for
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    • [英文]求單字翻譯解答

      ...未婚妻  fiance / fiancee 3. 有魅力的  charming 4. 單戀  unrequited love / carry a torch for sb 5. 協調的...

    • 急!!有關愛情的文章 中翻英 be able to make? 2008-01-19 18:47:41 補充: But several months carries a torch for the suffering, he has been unable to endure again…He...

    • 急需請英文翻譯高手協助英翻中, 謝謝!

      ...take courses in XX University for credits which will be recognized by... one of the few universities to carry the torch as a land, sea and space grant university. 今天,XX 大學...