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  1. carry all before one

    • ph.
      勢如破竹; 完全成功; 大獲全勝
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    勢如破竹; 完全成功; 大獲全勝

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    • 無往不利的解釋

      ...做每件事都很順利(所到之處,沒有不順利的)。 go smoothly everywhere carry all before one all water runs to one's mill 指處處行得通,辦得好、事事順利...

    • 【 急急急】 改一下!!! 請幫我修改這篇英文文章裡的錯誤

      ... bags are too big. So, first, I hope that my next bag will be...which can be used for many years and carried to all kinds of occasions. 註 : compartment...

    • A brain teaser just for fun

      Before I start writing down the answer, first, I would like to credit the answer to Cookie... to the restrictions: (1)donkey can only carry 20 melons (2)donkey eats one melon for...