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    carry electricity

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    • 英文短文文法

      我在學生時代就沒有把英文學好,一直到後來職場升遷總是擦身而過 甚至連出國都可以因為英文不好而困在機場1個多小時才出海關 更讓我下定決心一定要學好英文,而去報名了補習班 雖然選擇的是小班制教學,但班上程度大部份都比我好 久而久之因為程度跟不太上,後來老師教...

    • 英文中冠詞及名詞的幾個問題

      ... taken air. 意為 "這令人難過的消息傳了開來" 2. Electricity is a [means] of transport and carries men to and fro, from their work to their homes, and...

    • 對大家來說應不會難的英文問題。。。。?(急) dance by Mike.-過去進行式 3 The electricity [had been] out for two minutes when... started to complain that he was [carrying] too many bags,which were very heavy. ...