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  1. carry off

    • ph.
      拿走, 搬走; 抓走, 奪走;致...死亡
    • 釋義


    • 1. 拿走, 搬走; 抓走, 奪走 Carry the empty bottles off, please. 請把那些空瓶子拿走。 We saw the thief being carried off by the police. 我們看見那個小偷被警察抓走了。
    • 2. 致...死亡 Cholera carried him off that year. 那年霍亂使他喪命。
    • 3. 贏得, 獲得(獎章等) John carried off all the prizes in the contest. 約翰獲得了比賽的全部獎品。
    • 4. 成功(或輕易)地處理 It was a daring attempt but he carried it off. 這是個大膽的嘗試, 不過他不費力地對付過去了。 He carried the speech off well despite feeling very nervous. 儘管他感到非常緊張, 但總算把演講順利地講完了。
    • 5. 使可被接受, 使過得去 The child's readiness to help carried off his naughtiness. 這個孩子樂於助人, 因而人們不覺得他頑皮討厭了。