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  1. carry on

    • ph.
      繼續; 進行; 經營;繼續活動, 繼續下去
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    • 1. 繼續; 進行; 經營 The negotiation was carried on through interpreters. 該談判通過翻譯員繼續進行著。 He carries on business in London. 他在倫敦經商。
    • 2. 繼續活動, 繼續下去 They managed to carry on their experiments in spite of the difficulties. 雖有困難, 他們還是設法使試驗繼續下去。 Carry on with your work while I am out. 我出去一下, 你們接著幹吧。
    • 3. 【口】行動愚蠢(或越軌), 胡鬧, 吵鬧 He does carry on, doesn't he? 他真有點兒瘋瘋顛顛的, 是吧? The boys carried on in the dinning hall until the police ordered them out. 男孩子們在餐廳亂吵亂鬧, 直到警察把他們趕出去。
    • 4. 【口】發怒; 悲傷; 大動感情 John carried on for over 10 minutes after he hit his thumb with the hammer. 約翰用錘子擊痛了自己的大拇指後, 又哭又鬧了10多分鐘。
    • 5. 喋喋不休(或忿忿不平)地訴說 carry on the rising cost of living 嘮嘮叨叨地抱怨生活費上漲
    • 6. 【口】有不正當的男女關係, 調情 It is said the secretary is carrying on with her boss. 據說秘書和她的老板有不正當的男女關係。


    繼續; 進行; 經營