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    • 幫忙翻譯幾個片語,並幫忙造句(急)

      ...of Darwinism. 6. As blind as a bat --->He is a careless person and he carry out cargos as blind as bat. 7. as busy as a bee --->Today is working day,I am as busy as...

    • 幫我翻譯一下吧 10點

      ...sleep at night. At school one day, he and his friend Mario put on police hats and carry bright orange foam bats-their “monster zappers.” They follow the monster’s tail, crouching...

    • 幫忙想 有趣的 英文對話

      1. Two vampire bats wake up in the middle of...blood. (旁白的台詞) 2. One says, "Let's fly out of the cave and...quot; 8. The first bat takes his...