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    carry one's cross

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    • 英文的一些片語

      ..., ... 等等" a large amount of 後面須加不可數或抽象名詞,如 a large amount of "money, cash, milk, water, .... 等等" By using a credit card , you need not carry _a large amount of_ cash. 希望以上對您有幫助。

    • 請幫我解釋這首歌的內容 謝謝唷

      ... water is wide and I can't cross over Neither have I wings to fly Build me a boat that can carry two And both shall row my love and I...

    • 50個英文片語

      .... 父母必須照顧好自己的孩子。 7. carry out 實行;達成 (to fulfill) It's hard for many people to carry out their plans to lose weight. 要實現減肥計畫對很多人來說是困難的。 14. deal with 處理 (to handle...