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    carry out a project

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    • 請幫我看一下英文作文?

      ...那便直接寫: The government decided to carry out this project in order to clear the crowds and tourists..., this project was postponed for a period of time. 這句本身文法沒錯,但描述上...

    • 幫忙翻譯 不能用翻譯軟體翻

      是不是沒有對問題回答,LACOS交通工具的技術的性能Orbassano,最後的3月9日,和第10號的2000年被Centor Sicurezza的atest道保持了的「合併Trials」之間,一般地被試驗了。 因為進行在標準的狀態的試驗這樣的必要性,非常關於項目開始以來...

    • 急,哪位高手可以幫我中翻英,贈20點

      ...cultivation"technique volunteer worker" curriculum completion in talented person's database, carry out special subject or produce a project of learning the cooperation, manage a related license through an information...