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    carry out instructions

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    • 請問 carried out 有哪些意思

      ...片語,那它可能有: 1. 執行 例:carry out a plan 執行計畫 2. 遵守: 例: carry out instructions 按照指示說明來做 3. 完成: 例: carry out the task successfully 順利完成任務...

    • "只不過是遵從指示" 中翻英!

      (我)只不過是遵從指示。 I'm doing nothing but carrying out the instructions. 2013-11-07 11:06:19 補充: 所謂「遵從指示」, 實際語意是命令的執行動作...

    • 請英文高手幫我解答這兩題

      ...get a job as a secretary, you have to be able to type fifty words a minute, to carry out the manager’s instruction and to spell perfectly well. 這題是考對等連接詞 and 的用法。 對等連接詞必須連結...