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  1. carrying capacity

    • n.
      the number or quantity of people or things which can be conveyed by a vehicle or container.;the number of people, animals, or crops which a region can support without environmental degradation.
    • noun: carrying capacity, plural noun: carrying capacities

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    • 觀光學名詞解釋

      10.Carrying Capacity遊憩承載量~~~~~ 是這樣的回答就好了~還是要解釋...成年禮的淬礪~也成為年輕人生命啟蒙的契機~ 10.Carrying Capacity遊憩承載量一個遊憩區能夠容許的遊憩最大使用量...

    • 理論專有名詞翻譯

      1.carrying capacity theory→容受能力理論 2. Butler&rsquo...理論 希望對你有幫助 ^ ^ 2009-01-14 21:53:33 補充: 1.carrying capacity theory:容受能力理論 2. Butler’s life-cycle...

    • 請大大幫忙翻譯一下 有關觀光遊憩的 我的英文程度不好><

      ... Spectrum (ROS) 遊憩機會序列 Recreation Carrying Capacity 遊憩承載量、遊憩容許量 Zone/Buffer Concept 區域/緩衝...